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About Complex

Complex is the study association for all psychology students in Tilburg

Complex organises both study related as relaxing activities. When you are a member of Complex you receive discounts on books, summaries, exam trainings and you will get to know many other psychology students! Next to that, you can participate in all activities and there is a possibility to become an active member by taking part in a committee. 

Want to know more? Visit our page About Complex.

Upcoming activities

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Active within Complex

Besides great discounts, you can also develop yourself personally and professionally at Complex by participating in a committee! This way you can get to know a lot of new people, while you learn to organize, become more independent and give your CV a boost! We have 25 formal and informal committees to choose from.

Would you like to know more about Psychology, studying at Tilburg University or (active within) Complex? Then you can always contact us. In addition, we can also be found daily from 10:00  to 16:00 in our Complex room (TZ603 and TZ604).

Become a Complex partner

Our collaborations are based, among other things, on paid promotional collaborations. Through our information channels we can make your company presentable and known among our 1600 members. You can also place an advertisement in our association magazine The Caelestia or in our yearbook. Our advertisements are tailor-made and are published in collaboration.

Send an email to externalaffairs@complextilburg.nl