Board Floreciente 2023-2024

Remco van Oijen – Chairman

Hi, my name is Remco van Oijen, and I have the honour to be the Chairman of Complex this academic year. I am 21 years old and I lived in Bergen op Zoom before I moved to Tilburg to study Psychology. Next to the board and my study, I really like to play football, travel, and go out with my friends. Last year, I was Chairman of the Lustrum Committee and a member of the TOP Week Committee. I liked being part of these committees that much, that I decided to apply for a board year! I felt at home really fast at Complex, and that is exactly what I want to achieve for every Psychology student in Tilburg: a place to feel safe, welcomed, and fun to be at. This year, I will be coordinating the City Trip Committee, Charity Committee, and Introduction Weekend Committee. I can not wait to meet you all at our activities or at the board room!

Lots of love,



Tatum van der Hart – Secretary

Hi, my name is Tatum van der Hart and I will be the new Secretary of Complex! This means that this year I will be responsible for making minutes, keeping track of all the incoming and outgoing mail and sending you all the birthday cards! I am 20 years old and I’m in my second year of Psychology (major: medical psychology). I am originally from Bussum, but I live full-time in Tilburg! Last year I was an active member and joined the First Years’ Committee. Next to my role as Secretary I will be the coordinator of three committees: The First Years’ Committee, the Seminar Committee and the Workfield Committee. I hope to see you guys this year and I am very excited to be part of your board this year!!




Jolien de Bruin – Treasurer


My name is Jolien de Bruin and I’m the new treasurer of Complex! Basically I will be handling everything money related. And I am also very excited to be coordinating these four amazing committees: the Caelestia Committee, the Masters’ Committee, the Study Trip Committee and the Symposium Committee! I am 21 years old, grew up in Nijmegen and I am in my fourth year of the psychology bachelor. I moved to Tilburg in my first year and have been active in Complex for the past three years and I loved each and every one of them! I have learned a lot and also got to know a lot of amazing people, for which I’m already very grateful. Which is also why I am so excited for this board year and I hope we can all make this an incredible year together!!

Lots of love,



Yvo Smetsers – Coordinator Public Relations

Hi everyone!

I’m Yvo Smetsers, 21 years old, and I grew up in Oirschot (a town close to Tilburg). For the past two years I have been living in Tilburg and I have been a Complex member since then. I am very honoured to call myself the Coordinator Public Relations of Complex 2023-2024! This means I will be responsible for everything that is social media related and for the creative aspects of Complex.

Next to that, I will also be the coordinator of the Promotion Committee, Movie Editing Committee, Experience Your Future Committee, and the TOP Week Committee.

I am very much looking forward to this year and I am very excited to see you all at the activities or at the Complex rooms!




Tim Witmer – Coordinator Internal Affairs & Study Support


I am Tim Witmer and will be the Coordinator Internal Affairs and Study Support for the upcoming year! This means that I will organise the active member weekend, active member activities and help with study-related matters. I am 22 years old and have just finished my bachelor Psychology. I am looking forward to seeing you guys at the Complex room and at the activities of the committees that I will be coordinating. You will be seeing me hard at work for the Activity Committee, Study Support Committee, Focus Group Alumni and a new committee, the Culinary Committee!

I am looking forward to the upcoming year and getting to know you all!





Ryan Lenssen – Coordinator Acquisition & Internationalisation & Vice-Chairman


My name is Ryan Lenssen and I am honoured to be Complex’ Coordinator External Affairs, Internationalisation and Vice-Chairman for the upcoming year! This means that I will be maintaining contact with all external parties as well as trying to make Complex more diverse. I am 25 years old and I just finished my Bachelor’s Psychology. Approximately 1,5 years ago, I became an active member of Complex and joined the wonderful Lustrum Committee. Besides organising a memorable Lustrum, I met a lot of great people and learned a lot about myself. Now, I’m excited to meet even more great people and learn even more during my board year! During the upcoming year, I will be the coordinator for the Acquisition Committee, the Cultural Committee, the Focus Group Internationalisation, the Sports Committee and the Yearbook Committee. I hope to see you all during one of our activities or at our boardroom!