Board Querencia 2022-2023

Dito Boerema – Chairman

Hi! My name is Dito Boerema and I will be the Chairman of Complex this academic year. I’m 22 years old and grew up in The Hague. In the second year of my Psychology study I joined the Introduction committee. Complex immediately made Tilburg feel like a home away from home. To contribute to the welcoming atmosphere of Complex and to further develop myself and the association, I decided to apply for the board. Next to being Chairman, i will also be Coordinating the Seminar Committee, First Years’ Committee, Focus group Alumni and the Yearbook Committee. I am very exited for the upcoming year and hope to see all of you during our activities or at the board room!

Love, Dito

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Vera de Bresser – Secretary & Vice-Chairman

Heyhey! My name is Vera de Bresser and I will be the Secretary and Vice-Chairman of the Complex board next year. I’m 20 years old and I’m in my third year of Psychology. I’m originally from a small village underneath Eindhoven called Wintelre, but most of the time you can find me in my house in Tilburg. I became an active member at Complex in my first year by joining the First Years Committee, and in my second year I joined the Study Trip Committee where we organized an amazing trip to Budapest and I could develop myself as a mail answering machine. Next to my role as Secretary and Vice-Chairman, I will coordinate the Introduction Committee, Caelestia Committee, City Trip Committee, and the Experience Your Future Committee. I’m very excited for this!! Let’s enjoy this amazing Lustrum year together and I will see you all soon

Lots of Love, Vera

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Laura van de Vijver – Treasurer

Hi everyone!
My name is Laura van de Vijver and I will be your new treasurer for this year! I’m 20 years old and I’m in my third year of Psychology. I was born in Vogelwaarde, which is a very small town in the south of Zeeland, but I moved to Tilburg when I started my first year at Tilburg University. Last year was my first year as an active member at Complex and I really enjoyed being the chairman of the Yearbook Committee! I gained a lot of new skills because of this committee and I’m excited to learn even more during my board year. Complex made me feel very welcome, so I also got the chance of meeting a lot of new people. Next to being the treasurer of Complex, I will coordinate the Charity Committee, Lustrum Committee, Study Trip Committee and the Workfield Committee. I’m very excited for the upcoming year and I hope we can make this a great year together!

Love, Laura

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Myrthe van der Linden – Coordinator Public Relations


My name is Myrthe van der Linden and I will be your new coordinator of public relations this year! I am 21 years old and in my final year of Psychology. I was born in Breda and raised in Goirle. As of last year, I have moved to the ‘beautiful’ Tilburg and became an active member of Complex. All I needed was an amazing year in the Studytrip Committee an incredible trip to Budapest to realize that I wanted to focus a whole year on Complex! I am thrilled for the sixth Lustrum of Complex and all the activities we will organize with our 26 committees. Next to being the coordinator public relations of Complex, I will also coordinate the Lustrum Committee, Promotion Committee and the Masters Committee. Our board name this year will be Querencia, it means the place where people feel most secure, gain the strength of their character and feel at home, that’s exactly how I feel about Complex and my fellow board members. I am looking forward to next year and I hope to see you all at our activities and in the boardroom!

Love, Myrthe

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Lars Fransen – Coordinator Internal Affairs & Study Support

Hi! My name is Lars Fransen and I will be your Coordinator Internal Affairs & Study Support for this academic year! I’m 20 years old and I’m in my third year of Psychology. I’m born in Bergen op Zoom but raised in the beautiful little town; Hoogerheide. I became a Complex member in my first year of psychology, and I became an Active member in my second year. I filled the role of UCB responsible in the Workfield committee and the TOP-week committee. Becoming active showed me all the interesting and fun things that Complex has to offer. Because of all these interesting and fun activities, stories and memories I really experienced Complex as one big friend group where you are always welcome, and the days are never boring. Because of this, I decided to apply for a board year at Complex! Next to being Coordinator Internal Affairs & Study Support, I will coordinate the Activity Committee, the Sports Committee, the Study Support Committee and the Movie Editing committee. I am very excited to see what the sixth lustrum of Complex has to offer and what this year will bring. I’m really looking forward to seeing you all next year!

Love, Lars

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Gino Jansen – Coordinator Acquisition & Internationalization

Hi, My name is Gino Jansen and I have gotten the honour to be the Coordinator Acquisition & Internationalization this year! I’m 22 years old and currently in my fourth year of Psychology. I grew up in the most beautiful place in the Netherlands, perhaps even in the world, the Achterhoek. I’ve been an active member of Complex for three years now. Besides being an active member, I also work at our local pub the Boekanier for a bit longer than a year now. I hope to see you guys soon, either at the Complex room or at the Boekanier!

Cheers, Gino

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