Committees of Complex


On this page all formal and informal committees Study Association Complex has are mentioned.

A committee is a group between 5 and 10 people who are responsible for their own activities. You work with your committee for a year to bring your own activities to a success.

Active membership

By joining a committee you will become an active member which means you can still go to all complex activities and you can actively participante in the organization of the activities! In addition, you can also participate in the Active Members Activities, the Active Members Weekend and the Active Members Thanking Day. These activities are organized by the board to thank the members. 


You can sign up for a committee via this link:

Informal Committees

Activity Committee

The Activity Committee is responsible for organizing most of the relaxing activities that Complex offers. The committee organizes several activities throughout the academic year, including three theme parties, a pub quiz, a prom, two beer cantusses, the Complex games and an activity of choice. This is a total of 10 activities a year, leading the committee to be quite intensive, but also a lot of fun! The Activity Committee is one of the four biggest committees. The committee meets once every week. 

Committee members: Esmée Smeets, Job Boersma, Julie Wauben, Demi den Hertog, Anke Geerts, Jelle Venema, Dito Boerema, Pleun Jansen, Kayleigh Aertse, Jeroen Huisken.

Caelestia Committee

News and fun articles are all combined together by the Caelestia Committee into a Complex magazine. There will be at least four editions, all with a different theme. It is possible to make more editions, but that is up to the committee. The committee thinks of the theme, writes and checks the articles on grammar, designs the magazine and much more. The committee meets once every 2 weeks. 

Committee members: Eva Kaljee, Eline Damen, Zoë van Twist, Noortje Zegers, Celine Bruggemans, Laura van Warmenhoven en Floor Verhoeven

City Trip Committee

The City Trip committee organizes a weekend-trip to a European city. The committee is responsible for arranging the transport to the destination, the hostel, and organizing the activities. This weekend will be both relaxing and sociable. Students get to know each other, the city and its nightlife. The city trip takes place in the first semester (September – end of January). The committee meets once every week until the city trip takes place 

Committee members: Rein de Bruijn, Tom Fleischeuer, Lotte Bink, Niki Kerpitzis, Tom Kuijpers, Anouk Jansen, Anne Lambregts, Kristy Kerkhof


Cultural Committee

The Cultural Committee organizes multiple activities a year that have the objective to promote internationalization and integration of international students. The committee organizes fun activities like a cultural quiz or lectures about culture shocks. The aim of the committee is to get students more acquainted with other cultures. The committee meets once every 2 weeks.

Committee members:

From the left: Fie Feldt, Jadwiga Bozek, Leon Cole, Gino Jansen, Jonathan Zimmerman, Lune de Poorter, Kaylee Canisius, Yuvikka Vidyasagar

Left front row: Luce van Maren, Ivana Martinovic

First Years Committee

The First Year’s committee is a committee consisting exclusively of first year students. The committee organizes four fun and relaxing activities. The activities are organized for their fellow first year students so they can get to know each other better. Among other things, they organize a parent-day for the first year students’ parents. Throughout this day, parents get to see where their child studies and will get to see what happens in the life of a psychology student. The committee meets once every 2/3 weeks. 

Committee members: Merel van der Sluijs, Sofie Schlooz, Dahné van Boxtel, Tatum van der Hart, Dana Kilian, Fabiënne Goertz ,Nikki Schepens, Wiktoria Katarzyna Kamińska, Jitske Maria Bornewasser



Introduction Committee

The Introduction Committee organizes the introduction camp at the beginning of the school year. They are responsible for the full organization of the introduction camp, which is a weekend full of fun activities where new students can meet other first years. The organization includes coming up with a theme, arranging the accommodation, and organizing all activities. Keep in mind that the committee organizes the introduction camp of the following school year. The Introduction Committee is one of the four biggest committees of Complex. The committee meets once every week. 

Committee members: 
Second row: Matthijs Nijhoff, Sander van Buul, Yorg Bosmans, Mies de Kimpe, Pleun van Brussel, Zena van der Lans
First row: Emmelotte Selderijk, Merel Gertsen

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Masters Committee

The Master’s Committee organizes two activities per year. Only Master students can participate in this committee. The activities are organized for other master students so that they can get to know each other and have some fun relaxing activities. The Master committee organizes activities like a dinner or a network drink, and since last year they also organize an alumni activity, to get more in touch with the workfield and the alumni. The committee meets once every 3 weeks

Movie Editing Committee

The Movie Editing Committee (also called the MEC) produces all the movies used by Complex. These can be fun aftermovies from activities or for promotional purposes. Examples are the announcement video of the Study Trip or the City Trip aftermovie. The committee collects and edits video footage with an action camera from Complex. They are in control of the movies, keeping in mind any additional requests from the committees. The committee meets once every 2/3 weeks.

Committee members: Gino Jansen, Eline Damen, Luce van Maren, Kate Smit, Matthijs Nijhoff

Promotion Committee

The goal of the Promotion Committee is to enhance the visibility of Study Association Complex among students and on the university. They do this by organizing 6 activities, give information during lectures about Complex, and are responsible for the purple bike spraying. Last year they organized multiple Thursday Afternoon drinks. This year the committee is also organizing other activities for promotion for example a redcup tournament The committee meets once every 2 weeks.

Committee members: 
Myrthe van der Linden, Iris de Maagt, Zoë van Twist, Job Boersma, Caro Jacobi, Mieke van Grunsven, Kristy Kerkhof, Amber Beerthuizen, Celine Bruggemans, Bibi Smit

Sports Committee

The Sports Committee will organize three activities each year. Two activities in block 2 and 3 are open and the committee is free to do any sports-related activity they want. The third activity is the Batavierenrace in block 4. The Batavierenrace is a relay run only for students with a festival included and it takes place in Enschede. The committee is responsible for organization of all 3 activities. The committee meets once every 2 weeks and closer to the batavierenrace every week. 

Committee members:
From left to right:
Top row: Mara, Merel, Lars, Tom, Wouter, Yvo, Ahmet
Bottom row: Meis, Roos, Rens

Lustrum Committee

Every 5 years Complex has a lustrum, and the school year 2022-2023 is the 30th lustrum year!! The Lustrum Committee is responsible for organizing a whole week full of festivities and activities in honor of the anniversary, which you are free to decide the content of. The next lustrum week takes place in the spring of 2023. The committee is formed 1.5 years before the actual lustrum takes place, and will stay the same up and until the festivities. The committee meets once every week.

Committee members:
Second row: Esmée Versteegen, Willem Haak, Dagmar Stoll, Remco Oijen, Ryan Lenssen, Niki Bisscheroux.
First row: Laura van de Vijver, Maartje van Lanen, Emmelotte Selderijk, Myrthe van der Linden, Kayleigh Aertse


TOP-week Committee

The TOP week Committee helps promote Complex during the TOP week and contribute to making new students’ TOP week unforgettable. The committee is free to choose which activities to organize for the new students. The TOP week takes place the last week of the summer holiday, so the committee has some meetings during the summer. The committee meets once every 2 weeks.

Committee members: Eva Kaljee, Evi van de Ven, Iris de Maagt, Mara Smulders, Jeroen Huisken

Formal Committees

Acquisition Committee

The Acquisition Committee has a supporting role for the Acquisition Coordinator of the board. The committee helps them look for new collaborations and sponsors. During the meetings the committee sits together to call and approach different companies. The committee meets once every 3 weeks. 

Committee members: Manon van Belkom, Marlou Hovens, Matthijs Nijhoff, Caro Jacobi, Anne Pompe, Erik Rutten, Vera Hardeman

Charity Committee

The Charity Committee organizes two or three activities/fundraisings in a year. The committee members can decide the intensity of these activities themselves. The committee works together with companies which offer voluntary work like ‘de Kindertelefoon’ or Serve the City. This way the members will come in touch much easier with these kind of companies and will learn more about society and the workfield of Psychology.
The committee meets once every 2/3 weeks.

Committee members:
Upper row: Karlijn Naalden, Ashana van den Heuvel, Sanne Vonken.
Lower row: Caro Jacobi, Charlotte Haselhorst, Mara Smulders

Experience Your Future Committee

The Experience Your Future Committee is a committee which organizes a field orientation evening together with SPS-NIP for all psychology students that study at Tilburg University. The purpose of the evening is to give students a sense of what it is like to work in a specific field. All majors and minors will be discussed in the evening and will hopefully help students to make better decisions when they have to choose a master or specific track within their study.
The committee meets once every 2/3 weeks to organize the event and make professional contact with the speakers.

Committee members:
Second row: Bente Schreppers, Iris Gaarthuis, Pleuni Beijers, Vera Hardeman, Veerle Luteijn.
First row: Caro Jacobi, Sam Thoen.

Focus Group Alumni

The Focus Group Alumni is constituted to provide the board with information and feedback regarding the Interests of Alumni. The Committee also supports the board with ideas regarding the Alumni activity. The focus group will be present
during the Alumni activity and helps with the execution of the event. This committee meets once every 3 weeks.

Committee members:
Second row: Yorg Bosmans, Jesse Oosterheert, Stan Lumens, Indira Vaessen, Anouk Hakens, Marlou Hovens
First row: Chantal Dogan, Aniek Westerdijk, Jordi Heesters, Dito Boerema, Gino Jansen

Focus Group Internationalization

The Focus Group Internationalization is constituted to provide the board and the Internationalization Officers with feedback and ideas regarding the internationalization process. The focus group organizes no activities and is only meant for advice. Every member is able to join this committee. This committee meets once every 3/4 weeks

Seminar Committee

Once a year the seminar will be organized, which is a large event in which different speakers give (interactive) presentations and workshops, linked to a theme. The Seminar Committee organizes this event and makes professional contacts with the speakers. The Seminar Committee is one of the four biggest committees and is a perfect committee to develop your professional skills!
The committee meets once every two weeks. 

Committee members:
Second row: Merel van Olphen, Sophie Huige, Tim witmer.
First row: Huib Bergkamp, Bente Kassels, Jaëla van de Poll, Pjotr Paauw

Study Support Committee

The Study Support Committee organizes activities to support and improve professional and soft skills of psychology students. How this task is executed, lies with the committee, they can organize activities by themselves or with the help of another company. Examples of activities organized by the Study Support committee are workshops or trainings. It is a study-related committee which won’t cost a lot of time.
The committee meets once every 3 weeks. 

Committee members:
Upper row: Lisa van Ool, Chantal Dogan, Elise Swillens.
Lower rows: Michiel de Folter, Robbin Vinck, Caro Jacobi, Agnese Caune.

Study Trip Committee

The Study Trip Committee organizes a study trip every year. The study trip consists of relaxing, cultural and psychological activities. The committee chooses the destination, will arrange the flight, hostels and will organize all the activities for the trip. There will be a new destination every year. Last year’s destination was Budapest. The study trip takes place in the first week of the fourth block. The Study Trip Committee is one of the four biggest committees Complex has to offer. The committee meets once a week. 

Committee members: Amber Wagener, Dewy Lo-A-Njoe, Isis Kleinendorst, Julie Wauben, Laura de Jong, Sjors van Horen, Tim Witmer, Vera Bakkers, Zena van der Lans.


Symposium Committee

The Symposium Committee organizes two symposia in a year. One about the health side of Psychology and one about the social side of psychology. The committee decides what the theme will be, will search for and approach different people to speak at the symposium and will provide the accommodation. You will for example learn organizing skills in this committee. In previous years we organized symposia with themes like manipulation, sex, fear and power of the mass.
The committee meets once every 2 weeks.

Committee members: Ilone Schellekens, Esmée Versteegen, Merel de Voort, Jonathan Hennissen, Nikki Oversier, Noortje Hoes, Issam Chaouki.

Workfield Committee

The Workfield Committee organizes a few activities to give an impression of the career possibilities in Psychology. These activities are related to the different fields of Psychology and help students gain some insight in the workfield. The committee is responsible for choosing how it will be organized, some examples are company visits, speakers and workshops. The committee meets once every 2 weeks.

Committee members:
Second row: Sabine van Toor, Amber van Beers, Jolijn Wolbert, Stijn Verhagen, Jeroen Huisken
First row: Camile Martens, Jaron Bos, Lars Fransen

Yearbook Committee

The Yearbook Committee puts together a fun and interesting yearbook which will be handed out at the end of the year. In the yearbook, you can find descriptions and pictures of the committees, all the activities, spectacular events, and interesting articles. During the academic year, the yearbook committee works together to write the articles and put together the perfect remembrance of the past year. The committee meets once every 2/3 weeks, with weekly meetings at the end of the academic year.

Committee members:
Second row: Charlotte Haselhorst, Cecile Dubois, Romy de Blok, Michelle Hellings, Laura van de Vijver, Ruben Ramaekers
First row: Rebecca Beijk, Esmée Versteegen, Jet Driessen

Advisory Councils

Advisory Council

The Advisory Council assists the board by providing advice, comment on progress, and critique and compliment when necessary. Since the council is exclusively composed of former board members, they have a lot of experience with the association. A few weeks before each General Member Meeting, the board and the council come together and the council comment on the board’s progress. 

Council members: Aniek Westerdijk, Anouk Hakens, Britt Bergers, Jesse Oosterheert, Julia Walboomers, Kim Machielsen, Maartje van Lanen, Matthijs Nijhoff, Maurits Godthelp, Mignonne van Iersel, Roos Elegeert, Stan Lumens

Financial Advisory Council

The Financial Advisory Council gives advice about expenses made by Complex. They have a meeting with the board four times a year. The council consists of former board members.

Council members: Michelle Hellings, Britt Bergers, Stan Lumens, Eline Damen and Anouk Hakens.

Financial Auditing Committee

The Financial Auditing Committee audits the work of the treasurer in the board. They do this by checking the budgets multiple times a year. The committee consists of former treasurers and the meetings will be led by the current treasurer of the board.

Committee members:  Eline Damen, Michelle Hellings, Stan Lumens.