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The student life can be quite expensive, especially if you like to participate in social activities besides your study (e.g. sports, partying or casual drinks). Luckily, Complex has got your back. We have multiple partners that come to us throughout the year to promote their vacancies. Whether you are at the end of your studies and are looking for actual jobs as a psychologist, are looking for an internship or just want a part-time job to make some money. There will always be a job that fits you!

We will always share this information on our socials (mainly Instagram and Facebook), on our website or through or member mail. Do keep in mind that your boss has to apply for your working permit if you are not from the EU.

We offer part-time jobs like (language) teacher, healthcare jobs, cleaning jobs, warehouse jobs and way more whenever they are available.

If you are interested in finding work in the Netherlands, join our groups whatsapp!.

NEW in Tilburg: Babysitting platform Charly Cares!

Want to study while babysitting? We’ve got some good news: you can now babysit with Charly Cares! The best side job to combine with your student life. Through the Charly Cares app, you will meet the loveliest families in your area. And the best part: you are your own boss! You decide where and when you work and what your hourly rate is. Charly Cares takes care of the pay-out (exact to the minute) and is there for you 24/7 with the Customer Care team. 

Sign up now via the Charly Cares app & take a look at the parents’ requests near you.

Nearly losing your marbles finding a fitting side job? We got you covered.

At Knikkers all (international) students are able to work at pubs, festivals, events and way more catering jobs alone or together in groups. Complex will create groups of people that can work together at festivals or other events, so you can make friends while making money. 

You can register via their site (do not forget to mention that Complex sent you)

Teacher at Athena Studies

AthenaStudies is looking for motivated Psychology students who want to work as a teacher!

VACANCY: TEACHER (€ 25 / hour)
AthenaStudies is looking for top students who want to give extra lessons for 25 euros per hour. As a teacher you get a nice hourly wage, the possibility to keep your professional knowledge up to date and to brighten up your resume! You will work from home and you can decide about the amount of working hours yourself! Have you achieved an 8 or higher for one or more courses? Send a mail to