English masters in Tilburg - Social & Behavioral Sciences

The English masters in the Social & Behavior sciences faculty taught at Tilburg university are: 

  • MSc track Cognitive Neuropsychology
  • MSc track Economic Psychology
  • MSc track Health, Wellbeing and Society
  • MSc Human Resource Studies
  • MSc Organization Studies
  • MSc track Organizing for Global Social Challenges
  • MSc track Politics, Policy and Societal Development
  • MSc track Positive Psychology and Well-being
  • MSc Social Psychology
  • MSc Sociology
  • MSc track Work and Organizational Psychology
  • MSc Research Master in Psychology: Individual Differences and Assessment
  • MSc Research Master in Social and Behavioral Science


For more information about these or other English and Dutch masters taught at Tilburg University click here.

Master in the Netherlands

Of course it is possible to continue studying at Tilburg University after completing your Bachelors degree. If you are not sure yet where you would like to study, here is a Master’s study guide. This has a complete overview of all Psychology Masters at every Dutch University.


After your master there are various alumni activities. For more information keep an eye on our socials.