About Complex

What is Study Association Complex?

Study Association Complex is the study association for all psychology students who study at Tilburg University. With approximately 1600 members, Complex is the third largest study association of Tilburg University and the largest within the faculty of TSB (Tilburg School of Social and Behavioral Sciences). Complex offers many activities and services that can help you with your studies. We provide not only help, but also relaxation in addition to studying.

We offer discounted summaries created by AthenaSummaries. You can buy this in our room (TZ603) or order it online with our discount code. In addition to the summaries, tutoring is also offered in collaboration with AthenaStudies. More information can be found at our page Summaries and tutoring

We also organize many activities throughout the year. These can be subdivided into activities that accompany your study, such as our annual seminar, symposia and the study trip. We also organize activities that are relaxing such as the theme parties, cantuses, the introduction camp and much more! Take a look at our agenda for an up-to-date overview of all activities that will be organized this year.

Would you like to know more about Psychology, studying at Tilburg University or Complex? In that case, you can always contact us, more information can be found on our Contact page. In addition, we can also be found daily from 10:00 to 16:00 in our Complex room (TZ603 and TZ604).

What is a study association?

A study association is for all students who follow the same study and is managed by students. Being part of a study association makes your student life more dynamic, lively and challenging. Together with your fellow students, you can go to parties, city tours, study trips, but also seminars and symposiums.

What is the difference between a regular member and an active member?

As a member you can go to all kinds of fun Complex activities such as theme parties, the study trip, cantusses and the Complex games. You can also participate in all kinds of interesting symposiums and workshops. If you’re an active member, there’s something extra! You actively participate in the organization of Complex’s activities. Maybe you can’t wait to not only participate in the study trip, but want to put together a trip yourself? Or can you organize a big event like a cantus or centurion? Then joining a committee is something for you. In addition, you can also participate in the active members activities that are organized to thank the active members for their efforts throughout the year.

Want to know more about our committees? Go to our Committees page

Who and what is a committee?

A committee is a group of between 5 and 10 people who are responsible for their own activities. Within Complex you have formal and informal committees that you can participate in. You work with your committee for a year to bring your own activities to a success.

Who and what is the board?

What is “the board”? At the moment there are 5 members who together form “the board” with the following tasks; Chairman, Vice-chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Coordinator Internal Affairs & PR and Coordinator Study Support & Acquisition. They are daily in the Complex Room (TZ604) and arrange everything for Complex behind the scenes to keep the study association going. In addition, each board member is a coordinator of several committees.

Learn more about our board on this page